Our country children's slide and swing products have union certification rules


Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, Oct. 21 (reporter wu yu) China toys and baby products association recently released the "non-powered amusement products alliance certification rules" in Shanghai, drawing on the national mandatory product certification model, to the children's life safety related to the quality of slides and swings and the production of sustainable quality assurance ability of the requirements.

According to the introduction, the non-powered amusement products mainly include small slide, jump, climb, swing, spin, drill, roll and related combination class, to 3 to 14 years old children as the main object of play amusement products. For a long time, such products have been free from the large-scale amusement facilities defined in the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment, and not applicable to the national toy safety technical code. Every year, there are children casualties caused by the quality and safety problems of related products.

The responsible person of China toys and baby products association stressed that the core of the "non-powered amusement products alliance certification rules" is to continue to ensure product safety. The certification mode is "type test + initial factory inspection + post-certification supervision". In the past one and a half years, China quality certification center, the designated body of national compulsory certification of toy products, has joined hands with domestic and foreign well-known testing institutions, leading enterprises in the industry, government procurement agencies and kindergarten representatives.

It is understood that China toys and baby products association will be responsible for organizing the technical update of the "non-powered amusement products alliance certification rules", the industry supervision of the effectiveness of certification and the issuance of certification marks, and will take the relevant certification marks as the effective basis for the acceptance of government bidding.

With the rapid increase of market demand, the number of domestic enterprises producing non-powered amusement products has grown to more than 600. Because the original children's slide and swing product standards are recommended national standards, rather than national mandatory product standards, some manufacturers lack of quality and safety awareness, often do not carry out a full test products out of the factory. In addition, the main contact users of such products are not direct purchasers, providing opportunities for some illegal bid-winners.

According to incomplete statistics from the China toys and baby products association, in the past five years, there have been at least 11 cases of child injuries caused by the quality and safety problems of slides and swings across the country, including nine deaths, one serious injury and one minor injury.